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:: Scope of supply ::



- Overhaul Rotating equipment

- Overhaul Centrifugal pump, Plunger pump, Vacuum pump, ANSI pump and API 610 pump

- Overhaul Gear box

- Overhaul Mixer and Agitator

- Overhaul Reciprocating compressor and Turbo compressor

- Overhaul Centrifugal blower and Roots blower

- Overhaul Marine engine

- Overhaul Gas engine

- Recondition Mechanical seal

- Replace Mechanical seal
- Repair spare part

- Re-engineering spare part

- Preventive Maintenance (PM) rotating machine

- Remove and Installation special equipment

- Confined space work

- Commissioning and start up

      * Recheck alignment by Dial gauge or Laser 

      * Recheck pipe alignment

      * Vibration check

      * Infrared temperature check





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